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Saturday, 14 November 2015

10 Interesting Facts about Mount Fuji

10 Interesting Facts about Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji Facts, Figures and Musings

Famed for its elegant symmetrical cone, Mount Fuji is actually an active stratovolcano last erupting in December 1707. First climbed by a monk in 663, the sacred mountain is beset upon by an annual pilgrimage to climb its peak during the short two and a half month climbing season. Visitor numbers have spiralled over the years and more so recently since its official inclusion as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2013. The volcano straddles Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures which means plenty of buck passing about how to deal with the accumulated garbage and effectively manage the fragile mountain ecosystem. I had the good fortunate to climb Mount Fuji back in 2000 and hope the following run-down provides some new insights around this majestic mountain.

# 1. Buddhist monk christens Kyoto as the 19th Prefecture.

Mt. Fuji fact6

# 2. Starting back in 2005, steps were taken to clean up the mountain.

Mt. Fuji fact5

# 3. Training playground for the hardiest of climbers.

Mt. Fuji fact9

# 4. A short window of opportunity.

Mt. Fuji fact10

# 5. Not for the geographically challenged.

Mt. Fuji fact1

# 6. Ensure to bring plenty of fluid to hydrate.

Mt. Fuji fact2

# 7. A long shot of visibility prevails.

Mt. Fuji fact3

# 8. The Meiji restoration lifts the ban.

Mt. Fuji fact8

# 9. Best enjoyed in the company of thousands.

Mt. Fuji fact4

# 10. Attempts to stem the tide through punitive fees.

Mt. Fuji fact7

Credit: http://ridgelineimages.com/musings/10-interesting-facts-about-mount-fuji/

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